22 aug. 2009


My time is to see

The world beneth

I stay alone behind

I have to try

To break free my mind

Hunting dreams

I cant find the answer my self
The pain is free
Grabing me out side and in
The pice missing in me
Im free in my mind
In the end its pain
Standing my ground
I did say goodbay
Soul of light
Never turn back time
The day have comes
When i say bye
My time is here
No more sacriface
Im alive and i feel inside
My tears stopt
No more looking back
No mercy any more
Im going whit the wind
Following the day
This time I close the door
Always looking down
U broke a promise
Dont tell me why
I dont care any more
But remeber
I always bring it in me

/Pillan 22/12-08

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